Palm oil

Salicylate level: Low Salicylates, levels at 1.00-2.49 mg/kg
Category Type: Oils and fats
Notes from Low-Sal-Life: There are three types of palm oil: red palm oil which is the unrefined and usually cold pressed version from the palm fruit palm oil (refined and bleached) and then palm kernel oil from the seeds of the fruit. I would think that RPA-H probably recommends the bleached and refined version which is the most mainstream and available kind. *RPAH’s lowest level is low (there’s no negligible) and includes levels for both amines and salicylates.

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Listing type: This is from a therapeutic list - the item was not tested in a lab.
Full Citation: Swain A, Soutter V, Loblay R. 2019. Food Intolerance Handbooks Volume 1. Australia: Allergy Unit - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.