Black tea

Salicylate level: Medium Salicylates 2.5mg/kg - 4.99mg/kg
Salicylate Amount: 2.8 Free SA mg/L
Value Tested: Free salicylates
Category Type: Beverages

About the source

Listing type: Research test
Method: Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. ASA contents were lower than the limit of detection (0.026 ?g/mL) in all the foods studied (data not shown).
Original value: 0.28 Free SA mg/100ml
Full Citation: Chiang H-L, Venter C, Syue P-C, Ku K-L, Wu C-H. 2018. Which fruits and vegetables should be excluded from a low-salicylate diet? An analysis of salicylic acid in foodstuffs in Taiwan. Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 176(3–4):198–204. doi:10.1159/000488348.