Histamine degrades tyrosine

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This is just a web article - but look into the background research for this.

Ideas: managing histamine makes a better mind/muscle system for me (this is noted when I have reactions I have muscle spasms and a terrible unfocused mind).

Is it possible, when I can't manage my allergic reactions and histamine is released, can supplementing with phenyalanine or tyrosine help?

This seems like a bad "positive feedback loop". Mast cells freak out and cause histamine release. Histamine degrades phenyalanine/tyrosine. Tyrosine should have become dopamine, and dopamine can attach to mast cells to calm them down.


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"The Impact of Histamine on Tyrosine Production
Conversely, histamine, a biogenic amine, can also affect the production and availability of tyrosine in the body. Intriguingly, high levels of histamine have been shown to inhibit the enzyme responsible for converting phenylalanine, an essential amino acid, into tyrosine.

This inhibition can lead to lower tyrosine levels, potentially affecting the synthesis of neurotransmitters and hormones that rely on this amino acid. The intricate interplay between histamine and tyrosine highlights the complexity of our biochemical pathways and the delicate balance required for optimal functioning.

Therefore, maintaining a delicate equilibrium between histamine and tyrosine levels is crucial for optimal health. Imbalances in either compound can have far-reaching effects on various physiological processes in the body, underscoring the significance of understanding their connection."