Controlled release sachet of methyl salicylate from rice husk absorbents for delayed ripening in ‘Namwa’ bananas

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Methyl salicylate in fresh fruit boxes can delay ripening, causing them to last longer.

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Publication date: 2022

Source Type: Original research article

Author Abstract:

Cellulose paper, nylon 6 fabric, and non-woven polypropylene (PP) sachets with methyl salicylate absorbed onto rice husks (RH-MeSA) were investigated with ‘Namwa’ bananas (Musa sapientum L.). Fruit treated with RH-MeSA in non-woven PP sachets had a significant delay in ethylene production, respiration rate, peel color change, weight loss, and maintained firmness through inhibition of polygalacturonate (PG) and pectin-methyl esterase (PME) activities at 13 ºC and 90–95% relative humidity for 16 days. Moreover, they showed the best sensory attributes which was performed by considering both the fruit peel and pulp of the ‘Namwa’ bananas. Principal component analysis (PCA) and heat map analysis of RH-MeSA in non-woven PP sachets revealed that the response of volatile compounds, physicochemical properties, and sensory evaluation were associated with delayed fruit ripening. Nevertheless, RH-MeSA in non-woven PP sachets limited the release rate of MeSA vapor that resulted in delayed banana fruit ripening, and this may have potential with other climacteric fruit during storage and transportation.


Food treatment