Remove Lingering Paint Smells

While most of my content will focus on food and body products, running a home can be challenging when you’re so sensitive to chemicals. I bought an 80 year old home that had little renovations done since it was built, and at the very least, some new coats of paint are required. The basement is mostly unfinished and below ground. I wanted to use the space during the summer because it stays cool during our 90-100 degree F days, and I don’t want to pay for air conditioning. After painting, the paint smell was so strong I couldn’t be in the room, and five weeks later it still smelled like fresh and wet paint.

Things that didn’t work:

  • Airing out with fans and an open window,
  • heat and cure bringing the room up to 100°F to help the paint dry and decrease humidity,
  • using charcoal bags,
  • adding humidity with bowls of water to draw out the chemicals
  • I lit many fragrance free candles, and that helped a little bit, but did not solve the problem.
  • Most of the other options used high-salicylate products including washing walls with vinegar, using peppermint or vanilla, cut lemons, coffee grounds, and onions.

I finally washed my walls with AtmosKlear and odor eliminator that is almost odorless. Two full washes and I was finally able to move in! I just wanted to share with you that I didn’t have any reactions to the product and it seemed to work well! I also had good results removing perfumes and scents from previously used clothes using the Smell Away for fabrics from the same line.

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