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Banana Pear Smoothie
Super easy
Fairly cheap

Quick and easy go-to smoothie recipe. Makes 2 servings of 12oz (depending on how much ice you add).


Category: Breakfast and Brunch Beverages


For 2 Serving(s)

Basic Recipe

8 oz milk, or mix with kefir or yogurt
1 pear, peeled and cored
1 ripe banana
1 teaspoon poppy seeds
2 scoops/tablespoons collagen or gelatin
1/4 scant cup whey or soy protein, to taste
psillium husk, as prescribed (optional)
8 ice cubes

For Color

1/3 oz red/purple cabbage

Banana Pear Smoothie Directions

  1. Add milk to the blender first (prevents powders from sticking to the bottom and sides)
  2. Add all ingredients to blender and blend thoroughly.
  3. If you want to add the color, add a small amount of red/purple cabbage. Cabbage functions as a natural litmus test, so the color will vary depending on the acidity of your fruit and beverage.
  4. Split into two glasses and serve.

Recipe notes

This would be easy to switch out the milk and whey protein with a soy, oatmeal, or rice milk and similar protein powders for a dairy free version. Making it dairy free and leaving out the gelatin would make it vegan.

Nutrition facts

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