My Journey to Health: Why I went low-sal

This video is long and not for everyone – BUT I consider it more of a service video. If it helps ONE person, I think it’s worth posting. I get asked all the time, how I found out about salicylate sensitivity and what symptoms I had before. This video covers my former symptoms including nightmares (night terrors), IBS, migraines, chronic fatigue, anaphylaxis, and dystonia. Then how NEW symptoms started like heart palpitations and hot flashes while on a “standard” ketogenic diet and made worse by going keto and dairy-free (almonds and coconut are high in sals). And now, how much better things are since going on a low-salicylate diet with tips on how to get started.


  • Introduction (includes defining research): 0:00
  • What are salicylates? 2:56
  • As an infant/kid (includes failure to thrive, nightmares, picky eating): 5:04
  • In high school (chronic fatigue, migraines, stomach problems): 6:29
  • In my 20s (digestion, Helicobacter pylori, gluten-free, night terrors): 8:41
  • Levodopa-Responsive Dystonia: 13:00
  • Car accident pain and treatment: 15:05
  • Anaphylaxis: 16:29
  • Ketogenic diet gave me hot flashes and heart palpitations, discovered vitamin Bs (folic acid) was migraine trigger 19:17
  • The final meal – when I figured it out: 22:04
  • Results/symptoms reduced: 24:08
  • Why I’m doing YouTube/Building out my low-sal-life website: 26:02
  • Additive vs Subtractive treatments: 24:14
  • Other types of chemical intolerances: 27:58
  • Testing/Elimination Diet info: 28:20
  • Beware the Lurking Variable! 30:10
  • Closure and website/video updates: 32:00

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