Maple Pound Cake Video w/ Goose Eggs

New video up! Make a traditional pound cake, which is normally low in salicylates containing only sugar, eggs, butter, and flour. Modern pound cakes will add flavors, and then a bunch of other ingredients to make it easier to make like baking powder and more dairy. Today we’ll add maple syrup as a subtle flavor since it’s free of salicylates and add a maple glaze to the top. It is a simple and dense cake. Lots of blending required for best results.

The full recipe can be found at:

Today we’ll be using goose eggs, but 5-6 chicken eggs can be used. Remember, you’ll need to weigh all the ingredients. A pound cake is traditionally done as a pound of each ingredient, so we’ll be scaling it down to 11oz for each, which fits nicely in a 9” loaf pan.

Salicylates are natural chemicals (similar to aspirin) that occur in low doses of fruits, veggies, oils, nuts, fragrances, and cleaners. Some people (like me) are sensitive or intolerant. In many, a histamine reaction occurs, triggering an allergic-type reaction that makes us sick. A low-salicylate diet has provided relief for many suffering from the condition. I’ve had remission of my muscular dystonia, nightmares and insomnia, skin issues, tinnitus, extreme sensitivity (noise and touch), and chronic fatigue and pain.

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