IT’S NOT JUST FOOD! Don’t Overlook These Sources of Salicylates

Given your environmental and lifestyle choices, a low-salicylate diet may not be enough. These six items mentioned can contribute to you inhaling or absorbing salicylates. In some cases the doses and reactions can be so high or so severe that it can completely stall your attempts at seeing results from restricting salicylates in your diet.

  1. Perfumes, Fragrances, and Cleaners
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Wood and Natural Plant Products
  4. Medicines, Supplements, and Natural Remedies
  5. Gum, Candies, Smoking/Chew/Vaping etc.
  6. Other People – While I never want to blame anyone for my problems, other people’s choices of foods consumed or products used can affect you. Some of the biggest issues I’ve had: co-workers eating the lifesavers breath mints (and even storing the Costco bulk bag in the office), Dad using Listerine and being in my car, husband using mint toothpaste or tiger balm, going to the naturopath/doctor/massage therapist and smelling icy hot, bengay, or other menthol products, all the fragranced hand sanitizer these days, passengers in cars or people in small offices chewing mint or cinnamon gum, etc.