How to make and can pear juice – Step-by-step

It’s no wonder that pear juice has always been one of my favorites – and I’m so glad that when made properly at home, they can be very low in salicylates and part of my regular diet. While pears are available at the store year-round, freshly grown local pears are sweeter and cheaper. If I put some time in now, I can enjoy the juice year round.
Buying canned pear juice is not ideal because they often include the peals, which IS a much easier process for juicing and also contributes to flavor.

This video covers all the tools you need to have and why and how to make them start to finish.

*I didn’t mention very clearly, but you can tell you have a good seal when the middle part of the lid remains depressed. If you press on the middle and there’s movement, that jar didn’t seal, and you should put that into the fridge and drink it within a week or so.
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