Sally's Bucket Cocoa Butter & Silk Shampoo Bar

Ingredients: Rice Bran Soap (Rice bran oil, water, rice vinegar, Sea Salt, Oat Flour); Sunflower Castile Soap(Sunflower Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Bentonite Clay, Parsley, and Sea Salt); Oil Blend (cocoa butter, beeswax, sunflower oil, canola oil); rice flour, sunflower lecithin, DL-panthenol, silk protein, parsley, and vitamin E

This shampoo bar strengthen the strands of the hair as it moisturizes and naturally detangles thanks to ingredients like panthenol (Vitamin B5) and silk protein. It is loaded with low salicylate oils like rice bran, sunflower, cocoa butter and canola oil.

Why select this brand?

Sally's Bucket makes products that are from low salicylate ingredients, and is great for individuals with Salicylate Intolerance/Sensitivity. However, even if you are not sensitive to salicylates, by selecting this brand you are choosing products made from carefully selected ingredients and no preservatives. The name Sally's Bucket is referencing how full is your bucket or salicylate level.

Size: Avg. 4.0 oz, 3" × 1" diameter (inches)

Where to find it

Sally's Bucket Etsy shop:


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