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Very convienent and affordable Low Sal
Going Low Sal is a huge paradigm shift for us. The thought of making my own bread was off putting for a low sal diet. I had never been good at baking bread and refused to try anymore. When I read there is an easy way to just buy a low sal bread I was thrilled. We shop at Winco for many of our food items so this makes it a very easy change. Plus we love sourdough. I talked to a guy at King Arthur's Flour company and they stopped selling any enriched flour about a decade ago. They also stopped selling any bleached flour too. He explained that many decades ago flour was enriched here because they found that many folks were not eating enough of the right foods and were deficient. So they put these synthetic vitamins in the flour to help off set all that. But if you eat well you really don't need to be taking these vitamins and Harvard had done studies and then came out saying taking vitamin supplements does more harm than good. We really are stuck in the past with enriching and bleaching flours for baked goods.
Sarah Verlindeby

Excellent bread- no weird stuff!
Excellent bread, my go-to sandwich. My favorite bread for grilled cheese!

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