Reusable/Washable Kitchen Nut Milk Bag 12×12″

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Last Updated on December 5, 2023

Thoughts from Low-sal-life

This has been a great tool in my kitchen to make nut and grain milk substitutes on my own. We've had ours for many years and it's still going strong. Many substitutes add vanilla, oils, and vitamins that may be complicating health issues and making it challenging to find out what you're really reacting to. Safe milks to try are: soy, rice, and oat. Other nuts that may be tolerated (but test carefully) are cashew, hazelnut, and pecans.

Details from company

  • Big 12" x 12" nut milk bags are designed by chefs, using the finest food grade BPA-free nylon mesh.
  • Perfect for making large or small batches of nut milks, juices etc. & made strong for daily use at home or in restaurants.
  • No juicer? No problem! All you need is a blender & our bag to make any nut milks, veggie or fruit juices, Greek yogurt or cold brew coffee!
  • It outlasts farmed fiber bags & won't grow bacteria & mold or leach pesticides, herbicides or chemicals like cotton or hemp.
  • An all purpose Micro strainer for all kinds of jobs in or out of the kitchen!


Made of BPA free and food grade nylon.

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