Organic Unrefined Raw Ivory Shea Butter, 1 lb

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Last Updated on December 5, 2023

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Shea butter has been used successfully by many low-salicylate people, but has never been tested in a lab. I love to use shea butter on my hair and skin and prefer it over cocoa butter because it has a more neutral smell. Fragrance is not added, there is just a natural scent of the product. The product is soft and malleable (like a hard play dough). I squished the sides down a bit and it now stores well in a sealed quart-sized mason jar.

Details from company

  • buying ancient health remedies authentic shea butter is a healthy and affordable 'all natural' alternative to chemically refined skincare products and doctor prescribed skin ointments used in treating damaged skin as a result of dry, red skin, eczema, frostbite, psoriasis, rashes, sunburn, wounds, wrinkles, and more.
  • quality 2 ml zip lock storage bag included with each purchase.
  • 100% virgin, organic, unrefined, hexane free, grade a, raw, vegan, creamy and ready to use for topical body use or ingredient base for homemade 'Do It Yourself' body butter recipes. Ideal for Baby Care Products, Lotion Making, Organic Skin Creams, Massage Lotions, DIY Projects and So Much More.
  • centuries old tradition in skin therapy and beauty care...Ancient civilizations in Africa and the Middle East have originated Organic Shea Butter as a natural healing fixture and skin sanctuary since biblical times. An ancient beauty secret in facial toning and universal body care.
  • ethically sourced providing financial empowerment for families in Ghana - Our authentic Shea with Shea Nuts collected from private villages and women's groups providing economical sustainability for women in West Africa.


100% shea butter

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