Kevala Roasted Cashew Butter

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Last Updated on December 6, 2023

Thoughts from Low-sal-life

Cashew butter hasn’t been tested separately from cashews. Test with smalls amounts at a time. This one is with roasted cashews. Raw cashews are supposed to be better tolerated (maybe for amines), but cooking and very high temperatures can cause salicylates to evaporate - so worth trying either way! Between the sunflower butter and cashew butter, I handle the cashew a little better - but still limit my serving to 1-2 tablespoons max.

Details from company

  • Pure all-natural Kevala Cashew Butter
  • Non GMO Project Verified · No added salt, No added sugars, No palm oil, Gluten Free, only Cashew goodness!
  • Made with hand-picked cashews, these are dry roasted and milled to produce an incredibly creamy texture spread with a natural sweet flavor
  • A very nutritious and satisfying creamy nut butter, try it as a spread over toast, stir over hot oatmeal or fresh fruit, adds its nutty flavor in baking, to smoothies, ice cream, and more!
  • Made in a peanut-free facility, bottled in glass jar


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