California Rice Bran Oil

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Last Updated on December 9, 2023

Thoughts from Low-sal-life

This is a great oil for hair, body, and food. Comes in a plastic bottle. Rice bran oil has never been tested in a lab for salicylate levels, but is on RPAH's recommended Neg/Low list as a safe oil.

I do not like using it on my skin, as it feels sticky and not slippery compared to canola.


Details from company

The most balanced and versatile oil on the market and closest to the AHA recommendations. Rice bran oil is a superior salad, cooking, and frying oil which leaves no lingering after taste. The high smoke point prevents fatty acid breakdown at high temperatures. Its light viscosity, allows less oil to be absorbed in cooking, reducing overall calories. It mixes better in salad dressings and improves the taste of baked goods, may provide cholesterol reduction, nutritional and anti-oxidant value. No preservatives (TBHQ, BHA OR BHT).


Rice Bran Oil

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