Anthony’s Erythritol Granules

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Last Updated on December 10, 2023

Details from company

  • Premium Natural Erythritol Granular Natural Sweetener
  • 70% as Sweet as Table Sugar with Zero Calories
  • Batch tested and verified gluten-free and Sulphur Dioxide Free
  • Not Genetically Modified & Contains no genetically modified proteins.
  • 5lb bag of Erythritol Granules in Resealable Bag



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Estimated salicylate level

No risk
Low risk

⚠ Notes/Caution

While erythritol is chemically not a salicylate or amine, some people do have digestive upset, especially if eating too much. Test carefully. RPAH recommends avoiding sugar substitutes. In this study, one person reported hives:

I've seen that it can be derived from birch, corn, or wheat and goes through a fermentation process.