Not Low-Sal! Alba Botanica Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen Fragrance Free, SPF 30-45

Contributed by low-sal-life community member in: USA

Last Updated on December 5, 2023

Thoughts from Low-sal-life

This contains salicylate ingredients! I get this for my husband because it’s cheaper than mine, he uses it a lot more than me (he’s fairer and bald), and this is fragrance free so he’s not fuming me out. He runs 6 miles in the hot sun, this sticks to his bald head and doesn't wash off. Works like a charm

Details from company

  • Very emollient Sunscreen is for all skin types
  • Long lasting UVA and UVB protection
  • Fast absorbing, lightweight formula with light fragrance


So many sals ingredients like coconut, aloes, and botanicals - but great for family members who need a sunscreen that doesn't wash away easily.

Where to find it

Estimated salicylate level

⚠ Don't use, high salicylate (see notes)

⚠ Notes/Caution

I don't use this - I get it for my husband so he doesn't smell everything up with fragranced sunscreen.