Toothpastes with mints, cinnamon, lemon, and other natural soothing products can be a recipe for disaster for those with salicylate sensitivity. Gums and oral tissue are often the most reactive during a histamine reaction, resulting in sores, bleeding gums, hives, and swelling. This video covers some of my favorite toothpastes and products I like to use on a regular basis.


Join me while we talk about 3 low-sal toothpaste options, a tooth powder, and 3 kitchen/bathroom cabinet staples you might have already when you're in a pinch. *Not sponsored*

•Tasty Paste, ChaCha Chocolate:
•Cleure Toothpaste, Original: 
•Cleure Toothpaste, Cinnamon: 
•Squiggle Tooth Builder, unflavored:
•Sally's Bucket Tooth Powder: 
•Extra Dental Care Products and extra information on the products:


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