Allergy Friendly and Fragrance-Free Home Cleaners

Hi Everyone! I finally splurged and stocked up on cleaners I can be a little more safe and healthy around. I got these delivered about 4 months ago, and have been using them without any problems. I am so glad I got them! Links are in the directory.

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Introduction and what we use for cleaners: 0:00

Hi guys, welcome to Low-Sal-Life. My name is Sarah and I just woke up from a nap. I’m so warm, I am very excited, because we got the mail, and I have basically like a little haul of cleaners that I got and I thought I’d share with you. I have used one of them and the others I have not used, but they’re really similar. So, I wanted to show you what I have. I know a lot of guys ask me like what we use for cleaning and that kind of thing. And I do want to admit that I don’t do a lot, of like, the daily chores. My husband, he’s amazing, he does the dishes every single day. And he also does the bulk of the laundry and so I am grateful for that. You know, some of you guys, like dishes just make you sick. It’s true. Like if you don’t have the right soap that is totally possible. So anyway, we do use a lot of hot water for a lot of our cleaning. I use alcohol and hydrogen peroxide for some cleaning. We use Bleach. Bleach isn’t a salicylate. Some of the pitfalls I’ve had with bleach is that, like my mom was always like, I’m allergic to bleach. I don’t think she was sensitive or allergic to bleach. But what people do is they might get like the lavender scented one to kind of help with like the pungent smell of bleach but then the lavender one that’s scented it actually does have salicylates in it, or probably does, like some of those scented or like alternative bleaches that are supposed to be like nicer for people to enjoy when they’re cleaning. That’s usually where I ended up. Those made me really sick. So yeah, so for the most part, I mean, I’m not saying that you can’t have chemical sensitivity or chlorine sensitivity. But they’re not the same as a salicylate sensitivity. So completely different molecules. With that, we use a lot of Comet and bleach when we clean like the bathroom toilets and stuff like that, shower, and then sometimes I use vinegar for cleaning, we put vinegar, Randy, I should say, Randy puts vinegar in the laundry. And you know, we don’t have a problem with that so much. I don’t like the way it smells and I know, fine. And then sometimes we’ll use citric acid, which is useful especially for hard water stains. We moved to an area with harder water and so we’re kind of learning to live with that now.

Shampoo and Body Gel: 2:35

Okay, so let’s talk about what we did. I brought some props over here. So, this is the Clearly Clean Hair and Body Wash. And this here, the brand is EnviroRite, this is a shampoo basically and bubble bath. That’s what I was really excited about that I started ordering, you can watch my video, I’ll link it below. But this here I went through the full 16 ounces. It’s a pretty nice, gentle cleaner and the ingredients are water, a palm kernel-based surfactant. That other video which I covered all the ingredients about talks about palm oil, the difference between palm oil, kind of the raw or like kind of red natural palm oil that’s from the fruit, palm oil, which is a deodorized version of that and then palm-kernel oil, which is the inside kind of pulpy seed area. So, it kind of talks about those differences and what the levels are in what’s been reported or not reported. Basically, nothing’s really been reported. Palm oil is on the low list for RPAH and I haven’t had any issues with it. I don’t use it a ton, but I do use this on a daily basis. So, this has worked out great for me. This has vegetable-based glycerin. Glycerin supposed to not have any salicylates. pH adjusted to preserve using naturally sourced citric acid. And so, the citric acid is from corn but citric acid has been tested or they say that citric acid doesn’t have salicylates either. I do know a lot of people have problems with citric acid – but if you have a problem with citric acid, it is in addition to salicylates, it really should be looked at as an additional issue. It says from corn. Now, I don’t know if it’s really from corn. It’s probably more like from bacteria that’s fed corn, excuse me, fungus that’s fed corn, but all together very nice. It didn’t have sodium lauryl sulfate it doesn’t have. What I like about this is it doesn’t have the, like Cleure, and Free & Clear. They both have a coconut-based surfactant and this is Palm. So that’s the reason I wanted to try it because I’m still skeptical about the coconut surfactants.

Gallon Size! 4:48

So, the first thing that I got was, they sell in the 16-ounce bottle but then they also sell in this size, the gallon size. So, I figured you know if I’m willing to commit, just do it. They didn’t put prices on here. So, everything’s bubble wrapped, that’s one thing that you always have to worry about is like how cleaners are going to ship. So, there you go. It’s a full gallon. The brand is kind of hard to see but it’s up here it says EnviroRite, I got this whole order from National Allergy, they have a lot of different cleaners and I started buying from them because I had the dust mite allergy, used to buy, you know, and probably before Amazon was a big deal, like I used to buy from them pillowcase covers, mattress covers, and I used to buy, like the little cleaner additives that you can put in your washing machine that like breaks up dust mite little proteins. The problem with those is that they had salicylates in them. So, way to go, right? Everything is the same on this. I did bring this here because I wanted to say that if you decide to get the big one like, after you like it, which you save on packaging and everything which is environmentally friendly. I like to put my cosmetics in these glass bottles with the pumps and I switch them out depending on what I’m using. This one is actually oil which I realized now that’s kind of oily on the outside. That one has canola oil, which I use in the shower to either moisturize my skin sometimes before I get out or I use it for shaving like as a shaving gel. And that’s really great. If I want to get a really close shave. I’ll use that. I’ll use conditioner too. But what I recommend is if you do put oil in the shower in a bottle like that, make sure you get like a different color bottle for your shampoo because there’s nothing worse than going to put shampoo in your hair and then realizing that you put two globs of oil on there and you have like 10 minutes to get to your meeting on Zoom and your hair is really oily and disgusting. It’s going to take you like five washes to get it all out. I mean I wouldn’t know from experience but I heard that’s what people have dealt with. So okay, so we got shampoo, plenty of it. I wish that there were like some like fun essential oils that we could use like I looked into pear essential oil and it’s like $400 a bottle or something ridiculous because pear essence is like so hard to capture because it’s like such a fleeting smell, but it would be so much fun to like take this and like make fun cosmetics with it and everything but there’s really nothing to do. I don’t know, I mean there is. I bet you Pam at the beauty of Salicylate intolerance Facebook group probably has some ideas with that. But for now, let’s move on.

Floor Cleaner: 7:50

Alright, this is another product that I have purchased but we have not yet used, and it is the clearly clean hard floor cleaner. This one here is a concentrate. So, you know I don’t know if it’s how I had like I said I haven’t used it but it says half a bottle which is four ounces. So that’s half a cup into 28 ounces of water. So, you essentially get a quart, 32 ounces, yeah, a quart worth of cleaner so that you can do your floors. So, this the ingredients are the water, the palm base, palm surfactant, glycerin… So, basically it’s seems like the same type of stuff. pH adjusted to preserve using naturally derived alkaline builders, that’s different than the citric acid. So anyway, so there you go. Someday I’ll mop my floors, for the most part we just again use a hot water towel just to kind of wipe around in the kitchen area. And for the rest of the stuff, we almost just vacuum with a robot, like every once in a while, like weekly, right? and I should say we don’t have any pets or kids so the cleaning is a lot more manageable.

Glass Cleaner: 9:08

Okay, next set of goodies here. Oh, yeah okay, we got you know, I don’t really need these but yeah, they are nice to have especially if you’re starting with new stuff you don’t want like scents from like your former life in your little bottle. Okay, so we got glass cleaner. Kind of curious what’s in this, water, palm surfactants, ethanol which is just alcohol derived from corn. Okay, pretty solid. The other ones I have smelled, they do have a light fragrance to it they are fragrance and dye free, but there is a natural fragrance from ingredients as we probably all know. Kind of expect this to smell sweet and like alcohol. I did not expect this to be so thick. Holy smokes, man. Hold on. Okay, this is a very, very sturdy little seal here. So, I mean that’s good. It’s not going to leak but you might want to get like some pliers or something to like I’m going to need some pliers, like some needle nose pliers to like grip it. Okay. I probably shouldn’t have done that. Smells like my shampoo? Yeah, with the touch of – smells like hand sanitizer actually with a touch of alcohol. Okay, this look at this. I cannot get it. This reminds me of my mother opening bottles this would drive me crazy. Okay, so pretty nice. Alright, got a spray bottle with that. I have gotten so sick from Windex in the past, that stuff is really potent. I don’t like the way it smells.

Multipurpose Cleaner: 11:26

Okay, multipurpose cleaner. Okay, so this is water, palm-based kernel, vegetable-based glycerin, pH derived alkaline builders. You know you kind of wonder how much of like that base. Base one is like how similar they are. Okay, this one, is this one better? They have like a foam seal and then a really thick foil seal under it. Yeah, this is a really thick seal. Okay. I do this so you don’t have to. This one smells like barely anything. Yeah, that one’s like the least fragrant out of all of them. That’s interesting. I like that one the best. And you guys don’t know me but if I smelled something, but it’s really bothersome, I actually muscle spasms my dystonia kicks in. I have a really hard time walking through fragranced aisles, or the perfume section, I’ve actually had people ask me if they can call an ambulance for me because they thought I was having a stroke.

Tub & Tile Cleaner 12:49

You know like I just got such a short-term memory sometimes. It’s like somebody got me a gift, my past-Sarah got me gifts today. Okay, so this one I’m excited about because I think this will be really nice. This is tub tile and cleaner. Okay, I don’t know which one this one goes with. Oh, I’m going to guess is probably the tub cleaner. So, I got a spray nozzle thing. This would be really nice for sinks in the bathroom. I also have a lot of stainless steel, or a lot of chrome in the bathroom because I have a vintage like pink 1930s bathroom. No joke. It’s amazing. I will link it down in the description below but I have another channel where I focus on vintage fashion, it’s been kind of slow for new videos as you guys know it’s been slow on this channel too for new videos but it’s a whole tour of my bathroom and it’s amazing. So, if you like old vintage or pink or anything kind of quirky like check it out. So, anyway this year will be really nice. I have chrome and then of course to use in the shower especially the tile. I don’t like using Comet on the tile, because you know, then it leaves a white film on it. So, this will be pretty nice. This hear has all this oh, this has one different ingredient in it. Water, palm surfactant, food-grade phosphoric acid and citric acid. Okay, it comes with like a little the dishwashing one comes like that too. I don’t know if you can see that. Just like a little kind of like a shampoo cap, shielded for your protection. Okay, we got a foam seal and then they’re like these metal foil seals. they are really interesting. Smells pretty good. Again, slightly fragrance, but not obviously no fragrance added. So that was pleasant. That one’s about on par with the all the others, that Multi-Purpose Cleaner was the least fragrant.

Dishwashing Soap 14:58

And then this one, I am really excited. Surprised my husband hasn’t found this to give it to me as a gift so that I can start doing dishes again. This is dishwashing liquid ingredients on this one is water, palm surfactant. Oh, this has coconut surfactant in there. Okay. Now I’m sure that every other dish soap that we have are all have coconuts in them too. So, if I can actually find a fragrance free one, then we’re going to be you know, one step closer to the perfect dish soap, but that’s fine. I’ll try this out. I’ll give this a try. So, the argument for Cleure is that it’s so refined that it shouldn’t have salicylates in it. So, you know, that’s totally a possibility. Vegetable-based glycerin and then we’ve got the alkaline builders. I just realized the foil seal has like you see that like a little knife? Like your fingernails are not going to do it. Yeah, I got that, figured that out. Smells about the same. They’re really, really faint smells. It’s really nice. Obviously, if it was a more potent smell I wouldn’t put my nose in there. If I have to get like that close to an item to pick up a scent with this like super sniffer. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe what I can smell with this thing. It’s terrible.

About EnviroRite 16:55

I do want to talk about a couple of things. One is this company; it doesn’t advertise as Salicylate-free. Number two, I am not sponsored. I’m just a person with salicylate sensitivity, and I’m sharing this with you so that you guys can know what my journey is like, you know, trying is like, you know, just trying out products. If I have a reaction, let’s say within an hour of filming this, I wouldn’t publish this. So, if it goes up if you see it, I was okay. It does say here that with EnviroRite, trademark when you see the symbol, you know, these products were developed and tested by and for people with allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivities, and those concerned with the environment and indoor air quality. Oh, and it, there were a lot of these. These were like the smaller size samples. So, they do have refills in the large size. So that’s nice too. Especially if you’re having them delivered to your house, have them come out once instead of four times. Right?

Cost: 17:55

So, let’s just talk about the money real quick, all together I ended up, I got a sale, which is why I kind of paid up and got a couple extra things. I’m a big fan of combining shipping too. So, the dishwashing liquid was $15, the multipurpose cleaner and the glass cleaner was $13, the tub and tile cleaner was $18. And this bad boy here is heavy. Well, that guy was $35. So, it came to $94. I hit a sale, like I said, so I got a $14 discount on it, and they covered shipping, I didn’t pay any shipping, which for the size and weight, like I do a lot of shipping. So, this is probably like a $15 ship, if they have a good contract altogether is $80. So, I would say that that was pretty good. It took about a week, probably a full like five business-days to get it maybe seven. But you know, things take a long time, sometimes these days, so I wasn’t in a hurry, so I wasn’t worried about it. So, I think that’s it. Let me know if you have any questions.

Someday I might do reviews on these. But really, unless something really sucks, I won’t come and report out anything. Like I said, I’ve had really good luck with this hair, shampoo and body gel, which makes a great bubble bath, like run your water, throw in a couple tablespoons, like one or two tablespoons. And enjoy a bubble bath. So yeah, it’s just been kind of fun. I’m excited. Maybe I might do some cleaning tomorrow.

So, thanks so much for joining me. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Low-Sal-Life and leave some notes in the comments because I want to find out you know, leave us a note in the comments, saying what you guys use what your favorite stuff is, you know, maybe if you live in a different country, what options are in your country because we have a worldwide audience here. I know that these here might not be available everywhere. So, I’m grateful to have found them where I am. So, alright with that. See you guys later. Bye.