2020 Low-Sal Gift Giving Guide

This year I thought long and hard about great gifts to give and receive, even if you have salicylate sensitivity. These are also practical for people with food sensitivities, sensitive skin, or fragrance sensitivity.

Part 1 and 2 are two separate videos.

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1. Sally’ Bucket Low-salicylate Soaps or cosmetics

These are lovely soaps! If you try them out, please leave comments in the directory at https://low-sal-life.com/food-product-directory/health-body/health-body. There are many more useful products in her store so shop around. The three I featured in the video were:

2. Pear Apron and Mitts

Basically any kitchen item that has pears, golden delicious apples, chayotes, eggs, or something that is edible by low-sal folks would be appropriate. It’s time to throw out the lemon and avocado mitts! I like looking for handcrafted or vintage aprons on Etsy – here’s a few I found.

3. Potato Peelers and Cutting Boards

I am always looking for my peeler and running out of cutting boards. Here are some of my favorites:

4. Funny side up cooking silicone molds

Fun silicone molds can make boring white and bland food a little more exciting – and the silicone molds can be used in the oven or freezer.

5. Unscented plants/flowers

  • Phalaenopsis orchid
  • Dendrobium orchid
  • Succulents/Cacti
  • Ferns
  • Tropical Green plants: Dracaena, Monstera, etc.
  • Calla lilies
  • Amaryllis

6. Homemade Bath Bombs

7. Whipped Cream Carafe

8. Gin/Whisky/Vodka

These are all brand’s I’ve tested and enjoyed:

  • Beefeaters Gin
  • Tanqueray Gin
  • Johnny Walker’s Whisky
  • Pendleton’s Canadian Whisky
  • Kettle One Vodka (contains wheat, but is certified gluten-free)
  • Potato Vodka (I recommend this for celiacs): Tito’s Handmade Vodka is a good one

9. Maple Products

10. Diagnostic Tests



These products are provided as a possible suggestion for people who are sensitive to salicylates or have food allergies. Always consult with your doctor and/or dietician before beginning dietary investigation into a food intolerance. Information on this site is drawn from the personal experience and scientific literature. The low-sal-life.com and Sarah Verlinde-Azofeifa cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions.

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